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Charlotte, Circa 1886 Steampunk Doll

“Charlotte was a strange metal creature found in our parallel world expedition of 1886. Little was discovered of her origins other than she wasn’t ever human and always appeared sad. Her ability to talk and comprehend matched and even bested the expedition’s scholars. During her stay with the team, she often helped with experiments as her memory of their reference material was unmatched. Many times our scientists would not record any data, instead letting Charlotte memorize their dictations. Her faceplate was already damaged when they first met her, a subject she very much avoided. During the return of our explorers, she felt her world had little more for her to learn and walked into the boundary between worlds. When she arrived on our side she uttered “at last” just as the portal closed. At that moment every piece of technology brought back ceased to function including her. She finally looked happy.”

art by: 10th Street Gallery h/t Techi