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Rise and Fall (2012)


Rise and Fall (2012)

It’s The Dark Knight Rises Week! So I thought I might as well post this and because I’ve nothing worth posting except old files. I made this for a Dark Knight shirt competition a while back. If the glow looks weird, it’s because of the halftone. I had to make it silk-screen friendly. Aaawww yissss! Art school know-how!

Anyway, you can click it to embiggen, which I recommend. It’s a 1440×900 png, so you can download it and use it as your desktop wallpaper if you want. Like me. So we can be desktop buddies this week. Can you think of anything cooler?

Yes. Yes you could. But I’ll still be stoked for Batman. FAVORITE SUPER-HERO CHARACTER EVER! Even though I always root for The Joker, because my love for him shines like his glistening pearly-white smile.

We gon see le movie this weekend hopefully. WOOT!