Looking for an interplanetary vacation destination?

Consider visiting Europa,
one of the Solar System’s
most tantalizing moons.

Heat from tidal flexing as the ice covered moon orbits our
ruling gas giant Jupiter keeps
Europa’s salty subsurface ocean liquid all year round.

That means even in the absence of sunlight
Europa has energy
that could support simple life forms.

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to make
reservations at restaurants on Europa, where
you might enjoy a dish of the local
extreme shrimp.

Of course, you can always choose another destination from
of the Future

(via Nasa)

Are Sci-Fi Energy Beings Possible?

Are Sci-Fi Energy Beings Possible?

If you’ve experienced science fiction in any of its many forms, chances are you’ve encountered “energy beings.” Unlike the other aliens
in sci-fi, they have no ‘physical’ bodies but rather exist as beings of
pure energy. They’re usually able to flit about the Universe at will and
often demonstrate great abilities befitting their advanced,
ultra-evolved state.

They are also typically portrayed as more powerful, more enlightened,
and possessing a deeper understanding of the universe. It’s almost a
given in most science fiction that sufficiently advanced civilizations
will eventually develop this way. Converting themselves into beings of
pure energy seems like the ultimate stage in the development of any
civilization. It’s a ubiquitous trope—as if “pure energy” is our own
mass cultural idea of humankind’s far future.

Why is this idea so common? Is this really what our future looks
like? Can we ever actually “convert” ourselves into energy beings? Is
such a life form even possible? And if not, where does the idea come